17/10/2018 Miika Koskela

#HCPSPIRIT at Superwood Festival

HCP paljastaa huippumenestyneen HCP Focus-rahaston sisällön

Superwood is a festival on Nordic oddity, pure beauty, and woodland vibes. The festival is curated by Ivana Helsinki, that is, a Finnish independent fashion, art, and film label. This year the festival was organized on 12th till 14th of October.

The festival has been called ”an urban weekend at the summer house in the spirit of Twin Peaks” by its founder Paola Suhonen. You couldn’t put it much better. Some quirky installations and curious performances around architecturally exceptional Hotel Rantapuisto really bring out a unique dreamlike atmosphere.

During the festival weekend, we were blessed with beautiful autumn colors and warm but foggy nights, that made the festival an unforgettable experience.

We at HCP were happy to take part in Superwood by producing the Campfire Unplugged music performance at the festival beach front.

Campfire Unplugged with #HCPSPIRIT

Musicians Anthony DawoudFelix Lybeck, Henri-Aleksi, and Julia Delgado played intimate versions of each other’s songs as well as some cover versions of campfire classics. The shamanistic atmosphere was completed by surrounding art installations made by Luca Delgado and lights by Jyri Sucksdorff.

We’d like to thank all the festival guests & organizers, Paola & Pirjo Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki, and our own great artists for a magical weekend.

Anthony Dawoud, Henri-Aleksi, Julia Delgado & Felix Lybeck

HCP paljastaa huippumenestyneen HCP Focus-rahaston sisällön


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