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HCP Sports – Tailor-made for Professional Athletes

Successful performance in professional sports requires the athletes to achieve their full potential in the best possible conditions with the support of the best possible partners. We are specialized in helping professional athletes to grow and protect their net worth to secure financial independence in the post-professional life. We do long term financial planning.

We are perfectly aware that professional athletes should be able to focus on performance during the season and on training during the off-season. Accordingly, HCP provides an one-stop-shop, turn-key financial solution giving you the freedom to focus on your game.

Athlete and HCP Sports cooperation begins with a comprehensive survey of the athlete’s current situation, including the taxation of the country she/he currently lives in. HCP Sports provides the best solution for professional athletes with tailor-made asset management services taking into consideration the special nature of a professional athlete’s career. Our goal is the best possible return to Your assets considering a reasonable level of risk.

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Your partners, Timo Vertala and Josef Boumedienne

tel +358 (0)9 68988480, timo.vertala (at)

josef.boumedienne (at)


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Avkastningsjämförelse: 0.00 % (HCP) vs. 0.00 % (previous retirement plan)
Additional fees on top of HCP fund’s fees: 0.00 % p.a. ***

* The returns of HCP funds are after all fees
** May include for example a fixed custody fee, a percentage based custody fee, a fixed management fee, a percentage based management fee, an advisory fee, a wealth management fee, a reporting fee, an insurance broker fee, a closet-index fee and a structuring fee.
*** The additional fee when using HCP’s solutions in the Swedish pension system for hockey players. The solution doesn’t allow withdrawals on the first year. On the second year, a withdrawal of up to 5% of the total value of the portfolio can be performed without fees. After the second year, four annual withdrawals can be made without fees, assuming that the withdrawals meet the insurance’s other requirements.

Our Funds

HCP Black

We focus on analyzing the fundamentals of each investment to see how much it is related to the other investments we have. This active diversification that starts from the fundamentals should result in high return compared to risk.

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HCP Focus

The fund follows a value discipline of investing by purchasing primarily high-quality large- and mid-capitalization stocks at substantial discounts to the estimated intrinsic value.

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HCP Quant

Using a systematic quantitative investing strategy reduces human error in investing. HCP Quant diversifies investments into small and midsize companies globally.

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