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What is it?



Good asset management comprises of top notch investing skills, transparent pricing and respect for clients. We want to be even more, because we want to take a substantial role in improving the wellbeing of the society.  A healthier financial sector, better financial services and the support to individuals are the cornerstones we believe in and the things on which we work.

Therefore, on top of the daily investing services we provide, we do also support individuals’ opportunities by, for example, educating people on how to control their personal finances better, invoking and supporting the Finnish financial sector in becoming more transparent and beneficial for individuals, working with Finnish artists by offering part of our office space to be used for exhibitions, and by enabling even better focus on the game by being a reliable asset manager and a sparring partner to professional athletes, when it comes to their careers and the time after their careers. Additionally, we have started a KIVA-cooperation, which will become an important part of HCP’s everyday life. KIVA helps to provide a better life and support entrepreneurs in developing countries.

You will also be able to see us in Finland and abroad in our full-blooded tour bus named #HCPSPIRIT. #HCPSPIRIT is more than just a mobile office. It is meant for artists, to put together live shows, athletes can use it as a place to catch their breath, free ride snowboarders can use it as an arctic hangout, we can use it for real hands on work with our corporate clients, for restaurant days and block parties. Be it investment tours, or anything that our customers have dreamt up, we are where the action is. You can get to know these concrete actions and events by clicking yourself on to our Instagram page. Upcoming events can respectively be seen behind the HCP On the Road icon. These actions keep us excited about this industry.





HCP initiative

Most asset managers claim to put their clients first. One critical measure of commitment is the treatment of kickbacks.

In our opinion kickbacks should be returned to the client. Otherwise there is a conflict of interest that harms the client portfolio in the form of invisible commissions. An even greater threat is that the investment strategy can be designed to bring in fat kickbacks instead of bringing the client a safe and good return.

We think the time is ripe for a revolution! We urge everybody to ask their asset managers the question:

Exactly how much did your companies charge me – directly and indirectly – for your services last year?

It’s not impolite to ask the question; it’s rude not to answer! After all it is your money. Join our initiative to make a difference! Fee only – no commissions.

In Helsinki November 9th 2007






Tommi Kemppainen, CEO


logo_tuotantoon An organization supporting diversity ensures equal opportunities, rights and treatment for all. It appreciates and utilizes the variety of know-how amongst its staff, the needs of all its stakeholders, and manages its operations successfully. The Charter includes the principles of social responsibility – fair and inclusive organization, customer orientation, transparent interaction and co-operation, as well as fair management.

By signing this Charter we pledge to develop management and service practices supporting diversity within our own organization. By doing so, we also strengthen our reputation as a responsible organization.


We ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all our employees, customers and partners, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, ethnic background, language, worldview, religion, health, disability, sexual orientation, political view, socioeconomic status, marital status etc., which may lead to discrimination.


We strengthen inclusiveness in our organization by building a corporate culture that is based on respect, fair treatment and mutual trust. We also strive to create procedures and working conditions that allow all employees to use their work-related skills and knowledge, and that support their well-being. In addition, we strive to ensure that our services and products are accessible to all. By recognizing individual differences and the potential individuals have, we will have an opportunity to improve our operational capacity.


We set the goals for diversity management and define the actions to reach them. We evaluate and develop our procedures to pursue equality and justness. We maintain continuous dialogue with our stakeholders in order to respond to changes taking place in our operational environment. All our employees are allowed to fully utilize their individual work-related capabilities, competences and skills. We develop the availability and accessibility of both our products and services. Through these actions, our organizational competitiveness and productivity have the potential to increase.


We declare our diversity management commitment in both our internal and external communications. We also openly and clearly communicate our goals and achievements to all our stakeholders. The responsibility for implementation of this Charter lies with everyone working within our organization.

In Helsinki October 10th 2016



Elias Koski, Compliance Officer

Our Values

HCP applies a flat organizational structure and builds on strong, shared values and sovereignly led units, projects and initiatives. Every project is documented as to the values they reflect and how; transparency, partnership, efficiency. To get approval, a project needs to build on at least one of these and in the end it needs to reflect the HCP credo: “Asset management to be proud of.”


As the first asset manager in Finland (2007) we offer fee-only service and full transparency returning all commissions we receive to our clients. This enables us to focus on Your goals.

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Personally customized service is important to us, and the partnership at its best. For us, partnership means that we always try to understand precisely Your financial needs.

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First and foremost, our goal is to provide the best possible risk-adjusted return to Your investments. Investment management is our greatest passion, and we do not take any unnecessary risks considering the management of Your assets.

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HCP is an asset management company with strong commitment to values. Our goal is that both our operations (internal responsibility) and our investments (external responsibility) can withstand critical scrutiny.

Internal responsibility

By internal responsibility we mean that HCP aims to act towards its customers and other stakeholder groups in a way which is consistent with good practice and which takes into account social responsibility.

Compared to most other fields of business, the financial sector deals with large sums of money, and the products and services are often complex and, therefore, difficult to understand for the layman. This means that it is often difficult for the customers to get a grasp of their investment needs and the characteristics of the available investment products, especially their pricing. All of this leads to the fact that, within the sector, there are many more opportunities to cheat than perhaps usual, and every now and then we get to witness how an opportunity makes a thief.

It is important to understand that the complexity of investing and investment products combined with the ambiguity and looseness of laws has led to the emergence of a large gray area in the sector. Within this gray area, it is possible to operate in a way that is legal, but which nevertheless counts as apparent abuse of customers’ trust. A typical example of such abuse is when a financial company succeeds in selling an investment product whose characteristics or costs differ significantly from what the customer has assumed when making the investment decision.

HCP aims to stand apart from the financial sector’s ethically questionable practices. Here are a couple examples:

External responsibility

By external responsibility we mean that HCP aims to include social responsibility as part of its investment operations. In practice, this means that HCP is publicly committed to consider the ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors of its target instruments and companies.

External responsibility is reflected in the following ways:

  • we incorporate ESG factors into our investment processes
  • we act as an active owner and include ESG factors in our ownership policies
  • we strive to enhance appropriate ESG reporting of our investments
  • we strive to enhance the adoption of responsible investment principles in the investment sector
  • we strive to promote responsible investment in co-operation with other investors

HCP is a member of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum (Finsif) that promotes sustainable investment. (For more information:

HCP has signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). (For more information:


This report is written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, version G4 (GRI-G4) HCP CSR Audit 2016 (PDF)

HCP is built on strong values. 
With this first sustainability report we aim to provide more formal information on how we work. This report is written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, version G4 (GRI-G4). All data in this report refers to the fiscal year of 1.1.2014 – 31.12.2014 unless stated otherwise. As part of the HCP sustainability strategy this audit will be done annually. HCP CSR Audit September 2015 (PDF)

The 2015 CSR report was done by Oskari Jakonen who made the music video during the traineeship at HCP. It is about seeing the forest for the trees. 

Our Funds

HCP Black

We focus on analyzing the fundamentals of each investment to see how much it is related to the other investments we have. This active diversification that starts from the fundamentals should result in high return compared to risk.

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HCP Focus

The fund follows a value discipline of investing by purchasing primarily high-quality large- and mid-capitalization stocks at substantial discounts to the estimated intrinsic value.

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HCP Quant

Using a systematic quantitative investing strategy reduces human error in investing. HCP Quant diversifies investments into small and midsize companies globally.

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