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Fund Subscription

We welcome you as our client!

Helsinki Capital Partners’ funds are open for new subscriptions four times a year.

You can make a subscription by using the form found under the Make a Subscription –button. The subscription amount must be on the fund’s bank account on the last banking day of the given subscription day’s month. Late subscriptions will be returned. A declaration of a subscription is binding. Subscriptions and money transfers can be made during the subscription day months.

In 2017 subscription days are 31.3., 30.6., 29.9. and 29.12.

Before your subscription, carefully go through the fund’s presentation and rules. The documents contain the fund’s subscription and redemption conditions, which the client accepts when making a subscription.

The minimum subscription amount is 5 000 euros.

A written report of a subscription is always sent to the unitholder. When requested in writing, we will also provide you a certificate of participation. A certificate of participation might be needed for example as collateral for a loan or derivatives trading. A certificate of participation must be returned to Helsinki Capital Partners when redeeming funds. Please contact us when making subscription for minors, persons under guardianship or for corporations.

Subscription accounts:
HCP Black 330100-­01129972 (IBAN: FI8333010001129972)
HCP Focus 330100-01137397 (IBAN: FI1033010001137397)
HCP Quant 330100-01142215 (IBAN: FI9833010001142215)

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Our Funds

HCP Black

We focus on analyzing the fundamentals of each investment to see how much it is related to the other investments we have. This active diversification that starts from the fundamentals should result in high return compared to risk.

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HCP Focus

The fund follows a value discipline of investing by purchasing primarily high-quality large- and mid-capitalization stocks at substantial discounts to the estimated intrinsic value.

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HCP Quant

Using a systematic quantitative investing strategy reduces human error in investing. HCP Quant diversifies investments into small and midsize companies globally.

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