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Virtual meetings are the quickest and easiest way to discuss personal investment matters when ever it is convenient for you. The only requirements for a virtual meeting are a phone and a computer/tablet, which has a internet connection. Neither registration nor technical expertise is required. In a virtual meeting our experts Tommi Kemppainen, Pasi Havia, Ernst Grönblom and Timo Vertala showcase our services comprehensively and interactively. The conversation is carried out by phone as usual and you can simultaneously follow the presentation on your screen.

We welcome you to try something new so just step forward and book an appointment for the conversation with our experts!


Contact information:

HCP Shareholderservicing

Kaapelitehdas inner court, Tallberginkatu 1 D 5th floor
00180 Helsinki, Finland
Postal address: Tallberginkatu 1 c 136, 00180 Helsinki
Tel +358 9 689 88 481
Fax +358 9 689 88 475

HCP Helsinki

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Our Funds

HCP Black

We focus on analyzing the fundamentals of each investment to see how much it is related to the other investments we have. This active diversification that starts from the fundamentals should result in high return compared to risk.

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HCP Focus

The fund follows a value discipline of investing by purchasing primarily high-quality large- and mid-capitalization stocks at substantial discounts to the estimated intrinsic value.

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HCP Quant

Using a systematic quantitative investing strategy reduces human error in investing. HCP Quant diversifies investments into small and midsize companies globally.

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